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Here it is – our new website. The folks who host our site (Point & Shop) have worked so hard and so have I. Those of you who have been following along have been wondering how long this was going to take … seems like it’s been forever. Well, THANK YOU TO OUR LOYAL FOLLOWING for not losing touch!

One of the biggest obstacles was coming up with a new logo, so here she is – our Angel logo. I drew her - halo, wings, pink lips, blue eyes & all – and I made her necklace & earrings. Not great art, but I was inspired to introduce her to the world. Hope you like her. (Should we name her?)

I’m so excited about the content of this new site.
  • You will find it to be very informative – just check out all the Buyers Guides.
  • There’s a direct facebook feed, so you can see what the latest is on our fb page (VERY cool).
  • Oh, also new – for the first time ever – we’re offering FREE SHIPPING on everything! (Hey, you ask … we give.)
  • And get this – we’re doing a monthly newsletter entitled THE EVIDENCE OF AN ANGEL NEWSLETTER. This is NOT your ordinary newsletter, so be prepared!
Finally, you’ll notice that I’m taking more of a personal approach. I’m not going to pretend like I’ve got staff or departments or a big warehouse full of diamonds just waiting for your order. It’s pretty much me, so I’ll do my best to avoid the words US or WE unless it has to do with the staff at Point & Shop (they DO help me) or my friend in Indiana, Lynn, who will be picking the winners of the Newsletter submissions every month.

So that’s it. Always feel free to contact me – this site offers lots of ways to do that, too. Hope you enjoy your visits here at Angelworks!

                    So Sincerely Written From Covington, Louisiana --
MaxAnne Noel-Ragusa

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