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TheEvidenceofAngels.jpgThey’ve asked me to write a page on angels. Where to start. What to say. What to keep private. If you’re here, you’ve probably had your own experiences – maybe you’re just hoping for one. I’ve had too many miraculous experiences in my life that I’ve (shamefully) about lost count and yet, looking back - like many of us, it took so long for my life to finally turn around.  Angelworks was a big step of blind faith that took me from the corporate world to not knowing what God had in store for me next. They thought I’d lost my mind.

My Story

So, back to angels – I’ll share this experience to start with in hopes you will share yours one day. When I was 29, I lived on Third Street in Uptown New Orleans whenI had a traumatic experience that put my life in danger. It was a criminal situation, and I was at the mercy  of a man who let's say was not in his right mind. Without going into all the details, the circumstance had escalated to the point that I knew he realized he could either kill me or leave – and he was considering both. After the blood and violence, I was forced into a separate room and things got quiet. Too quiet - but he was still there ... thinking about what to do next. I could feel my body start to elevate off the bed. Didn’t know what to do, but I’d heard that Satan could not stay in the presence of God, so I decided to pray. Didn’t really know how to pray, so prayed the only prayer I'd heard … “Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name, ….” Got most of the words right and finished. Still silence. I called out, “Sir?” “Sir?” No response. Slowly went into the other room where he had been and sure enough, he was gone. 

evidence1.jpgWent to a neighbor’s house who let me use their phone (crazed man had pulled my phone off the wall). Called a girlfriend who came to pick me up (had to go the hospital - Touro, if you're familiary with the area). After I’d been examined, she came in to see me. Now, the exam room was simple. A table in the middle of the room, with a single lamp over the exam table, then around the room and onto the walls was darker. I sat on a chair in a corner. My friend came to the door and looked at me as I sat in the dark. Her mouth dropped open and she gasped. Later she told me that she’d never seen anyone with an ‘aura’ around them. Now I can't say whether she saw aura lights or not, but I know what saved me - the power of God.

evidence2.jpgI was surrounded that night by angels and have had encounters far beyond the boundaries of this page. My belief and faith in God grew to the point that I could no longer sell my soul to the corporate world. I left, then decided to start my own business. There was another name picked out for the business (my name was incorporated into it), but God woke me up one night telling me that if I wanted to follow him, it had to start with the name. I immediately changed the name of the business to Angelworks. It has taken on a form of its own, not always what I’m thinking, but that’s ok.

I’m not in charge of this.

Share Your Story

So I’ve shared all of this to introduce a concept to you. Would you be willing to share your angel stories? I know they’re personal. Angels typically don’t come to us except in cases great trauma or heartache, so I know it can be difficult for some to share such things. But I hope, I pray you will – to inspire others. Isn’t that why we’re here? Aren’t we supposed to lift each other up? What better way but by the wings of angels.

evidence3.jpgI’ll be publishing a newsletter once a month by the name of THE EVIDENCE OF ANGELS. It will include angel stories and pics (Louisiana, of course – we have a lot of them here), new products and readers’ submissions that will be reviewed in two categories – personal stories and photos. A friend of mine in Indianapolis who I’ve known since we were 4 (say hello, Lynn!) has accepted the totally unofficial position of Editor in Chief and will review entries and choose the winners. Each will receive a piece of jewelry based on how much heart was put in to your submission. Winners’ submissions will be published on our site, our facebook page, the following month’s newsletter– everywhere we can think of – hoping that as many as possible will be inspired by you.


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